Hairway to Heaven

Sometimes a hairstyle can make or break an outfit, especially on your wedding day. Not only does it have to match your dress, but your personality as well. Traditional, quirky, or glamorous, your hairstyle MUST be perfect on the big day. Here are some ideas to get you started on finding the most suitable look. 

Strapless Dress Hair

If your wedding dress is strapless, wearing your hair down is always a good call. Wearing it up and showcasing your whole chest will add unflattering width to your shoulders, which one would hope you wouldn’t want! Here’s one idea that will perfectly compliment any strapless wedding dress.

Side Swept Beauty Hair Style

Hair for your wedding day

Step one:     Curl hair

Step two:    Sweep hair over the shoulder that is opposite your hair part

Step three: Twist and insert bobby pins

Step four:  Lightly hairspray

High Neck Dress Hair

If your wedding dress has a high neck, you’ll want to keep your hair back and off your shoulders. Doing this will ensure an elegant, mature look. These hairstyles are also great if your dress is backless. You bought a backless dress for a reason, so show it off! Here’s one possible option that looks like it took ages to complete, but is actually really simple.

CC Blog High Neck Dress Hair

Unbelievable Up-Do

Step one:     Curl hair

Step two:     Section off front section of hair and clip.

Step three:  Take the top half of your hair, make a poof, and clip.

Step four:    Gather all hair into a casual, slightly messy bun and tie with a hair tie.

Step five:     Unclip the front section of hair from earlier and french braid it back to the bun, wrap it, and secure in place with decorative pin.

Step six:      Pull out random bits of hair at the front and style as you like. 

V-neck Dress Hair

It’s easy to rock almost any hairstyle with a v-neck gown, but one timeless style is half up, half down. It keeps your hair out of your face and keeps you beautiful all in one. You’d be amazed at how powerful such a simple hairstyle can be. Here’s one idea to inspire you.

CC Blog V-neck Dress Hair

Belle of the Ball

Step one:      Lightly curl hair

Step two:      Section off one piece of hair at the front on each side.

Step three:   Braid both sections.

Step four:    Wrap both sections around to the back, wrapping underneath each other so that the ends are hidden.

Step five:     Secure with pins. 
























Lace Wedding Dress Trends and Styles

Lace face it, everyone loves a pretty, delicate fabric. Whether it makes up a small fraction of your outfit or your whole dress, lace can add the most elegant touch to any wedding dress. Its versatility is so desirable, not to mention the fact that lace has never truly gone out of style, making its debut back in the 18th century. Lace will never fail to bring you a timeless look.

Lace wedding dress

Layered lace wedding dress

Layered Lace

Layered lace is a divine option for that light, airy look you’re going for. Because it is such a delicate fabric, layering it will create an illusion of weightlessness in the skirt, making it seem like you’re literally floating down the aisle. Layering lace will give you that fragile, detailed look up close, as well as a soft outline of your figure.

Wedding dress with lace sleeves

Wedding dress with lace sleeves

Lace Sleeves

Lace sleeves have always been a popular and unforgettable addition to wedding dresses, as Kate Middleton proved to us at her royal wedding in 2011. Adding a lace sleeve, long or short, will ensure a classy yet jaw-dropping look. They reveal the softest hint of skin underneath, while effortlessly outlining your silhouette. Additionally, playing around with the neckline of your lace sleeves can instantly alter the boldness of your overall look. Off the shoulder sleeves romanticize the outfit while emphasizing the width of your shoulders.

A high neck is bold, yet all around elegant. The adaptability of a lace sleeve will easily give you nearly any look you desire.

Wedding dress with lace bodice and alternative skirt

Wedding dress with lace bodice and alternative skirt

Lace bodice with alternative skirt

Feel like your dress needs a little something extra? A brilliant solution is having a lace bodice with an alternative skirt. Covering the bodice with just one layer will simultaneously change the look while keeping it delicate. Many brides assume that the only way to change up their dress is by adding a bold, jewelled belt or loads of embellishments. Having more than one fabric makes it unique, yet still simple and elegant.

Lace train

If you want a long train but don’t want the weight of one, choosing a lace train will satisfy both of those needs. The weightless lace will angelically trail behind you without you feeling like you’re lugging a ton of fabric. A long lace train can easily transform a delicate dress into a dramatic gown.



New Channel 4 documentary provides a glimpse into the lavish weddings of UK’s wealthy brides

CC Daily Mail 1

How the rich get hitched: Weddings of the super-wealthy for whom money is no object and brides spend up to £40,000 on a dress revealed in new documentary

  • New Channel 4 documentary provides a glimpse into the lavish weddings of UK’s wealthy brides
  • Visits Caroline Castigliano boutique where the highest priced wedding gown set the bride back £40,000
  • How the Other Half Wed, which airs in September, features brides who are sparing no expense on their white dress

By MARTHA CLIFF FOR MAILONLINE:  Published 25 August 2015

A wedding is said to be the most important day of a woman’s life and some brides-to-be are prepared to fork out whatever it takes to ensure that their big day is nothing short of spectacular.

Now How The Rich Get Hitched, a new documentary from Channel 4, provides a glimpse into some of the world’s most lavish weddings.

The programme follows the glamorous goings-on at Knightsbridge bespoke wedding boutique Caroline Castigliano, where, for most customers, money is no object.

Jordan and her husband Matt  threw a wedding ceremony that included a Victorian carousel.

A new documentary from Channel 4 looks inside some of the UK’s most decadent and expensive weddings, including Jordan and her husband Matt, who threw a wedding ceremony that included a Victorian carousel.

Bridal couture queen Caroline, who lives in Surrey, has been creating breathtaking intricate gowns for 24 years, cashing in on the £10billion global bridal market.

But while the average UK bride is said to spend around £1,000 on her dress, Caroline revealed that one client, a Saudi Arabian bride-to-be is spending £40,000 on her dream gown – the same price as the Duchess of Cambridge’s Alexander McQueen dress.

Despite the eye-watering prices, the 55-year-old designer claims that for most women this is one of the most important things they will ever buy.

She said: ‘They buy into the overall power of the dress. I really truly believe that since they were very young they have dreamt of this day.’

Caroline’s clientele aren’t just drawn from the global elite, however. One of her clients, Jordan, 23, is a hotel heiress from Durham who has spent the past year travelling 300 miles with her family for fittings for her £9,000 dress.

Jordan’s gown is made from one of the most expensive silks in the world, which costs hundreds of pounds a metre.

Jordan Roseberry married in a custom silk gown CREDIT: LEE SCULLION

Jordan Roseberry married in a custom silk gown CREDIT: LEE SCULLION

Jordan said: ‘For a girl the dress is what everyone looks for. People would rather spend more money on the dress and look perfect on the day.’

Her mother Helen, who is helping to pick up the bill, added: ‘I think once you see your daughter in something so beautiful and she’s so happy you do stretch that extra mile.’

At around £9,000 Jordan’s dress is almost half the average budget for UK weddings, which now comes in at an astonishing £21,000, but the day itself will set her family back far more than that.

The no-expenses-spared bash is being held at one of her family’s hotels and costs include the £7,000 on importing 6,000 flowers from Holland, the hire of a 20-piece brass band and a Victorian carousel to entertain guests.

Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano poses amid brides’ fairy tale dresses; dresses by the designer can cost up to £40,000 and are sometimes made with fabric that costs £2,000 a metre

Gissa, 29, an Iranian socialite, who is planning a lavish ceremony in Turkey, journeyed to Caroline’s boutique just to try on veils to go with her bespoke gown, which is embroidered with 200,000 and 50,000 beads – and was one of the most expensive dresses in the shop. bride-to-be explained that her fiance was very amenable when it came to splashing out on her dress.

‘He said “I know this is the most important dress that a woman is going to wear in their lifetime so if you really like it and you love it, we’ll get it.”‘

However, some brides look further afield for their dream wedding location and one of the boutique’s clients, Katie, 29, was planning her ceremony in Southern Spain.

Katie admitted that she had fine-tuned every element of her wedding right down to her proposal.

She said: ‘I’m a bit of a control freak, I think I emailed [my fiance] a picture of the ring after about three weeks of dating, so subtlety isn’t my finest point but he’s done really well.’

Katie visited Caroline for a bespoke wedding dress costing between five and six thousand pounds that has taken five seamstresses 200 hours of sewing and 250,000 beads to complete.

Gissa chose the perfect veil to go with her beaded gown

Iranian socialite Gissa, who is getting married in Turkey, flew to Caroline’s shop to choose the perfect veil to go with her beaded gown

Gissa chose the perfect veil to go with her beaded gown

Gissa chose the perfect veil to go with her beaded gown

Another of Caroline’s client, Kashmir, revealed that she took two years off work to get married and her husband is now determined to prolong the wedding celebrations with lavish gifts.

She and her husband also paid £75,000 to commission a portrait of Kashmir sitting in a chair in her strapless lace Caroline Castigliano dress, which was then unveiled at a party in the designer’s boutique.

However, as any prospective bride will know a dress does not a wedding make and any ambitious bride-to-be will enlist the help of a wedding planner, with none more knowledgeable than luxury wedding planner Bruce Russell.

Bruce caters for the most ostentatious and demanding of weddings. He said: ‘If it’s physically possible, we’ll make it happen – it might come at a cost.

‘If you’ve got the money and you’ve got the budget to spend and you want to spend a million pounds why not spend it on a wedding it is the most magical day?’

Kashmir took two years off work to get married

Another of Caroline’s clients Kashmir took two years off work to get married and her husband is continuing the celebrations with gifts

Bruce’s finely tuned expertise and impeccable taste come at a cost and he revealed on the show that he takes around 20 per cent of the wedding budget as commission, which rewards him with a £30,000 pay checque for a £150,000 wedding.

The show followed him as he took one of Caroline’s clients, Erina, on a tour of London’s famous luxury five-star hotel, The Savoy, as a possible venue for her dream day.

Hosting 350 guests would set her back at least  £70,000 and to stay in the Royal Suite, a further £10,000 a night – although it does come with its own butler.

But the documentary revealed that for women who want to up the ‘wow’ factor on their big day – and have the budget – couture jeweller Andrew Prince is the man to call.

Kashmir's wedding dress was immortalised in a commissioned portrait

Kashmir’s wedding dress was immortalised in a commissioned portrait (behind) setting the couple back £75,000. The picture was unveiled on the documentary

But Andrew insisted that elegance is often confused with showiness: ‘Glamour has changed. It became, at one point, very shiny and that’s really not glamorous that’s flashy. I like opulence.’

Andrew’s creations may be an indulgence but for him there is no better way to spend your money.

He said: ‘It’s a celebration. We can be really sort of smug and factual about it, and say “oh no one should spend the money on something more practical”, but what’s more fun than just having a wonderful day?’

Many couples will argue that such extravagance is a waste of money and resources for just one day, however Caroline says that these are memories to last a lifetime.

She said: ‘The most important people in your life have come to attend this day. It all comes down to the same thing, it’s what you want to spend money on and what matters to you and how much money you have, it’s all relative.’

How the Rich Get Hitched will air on Channel 4 in September


Meet the Caroline Castigliano brides paying up to £40,000 for couture wedding dresses

By Victoria Moss ACTING FASHION FEATURES EDITOR, The Telegraph, 23 AUGUST 2015

It’s a Thursday afternoon in Caroline Castigliano’s flagship Knightsbridge store. The bridal couture designer – whose clients have included the Duchess of Cambridge’s friend Alice van Cutsem – is the subject of a new Channel 4 documentary, How the Other Half Wed, which follows her as she helps her affluent clients get ready for their seriously big days.

Bride to be Gissa Izadi at her final fitting

Bride to be Gissa Izadi at her final fitting CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

The formidable, glossy blonde, 55, today dressed in an electric-blue silk shirt and black trousers, is a veritable powerhouse of premium bridal wear, having designed it for almost 25 years. When asked to feature in the documentary, she agreed immediately. “I said, ‘Absolutely, yes, come on in!’” she tells me, with something of a game-show host to her delivery, adding, “I was an actress in my youth, so I didn’t find having a camera in my face a problem. At first my team were completely horrified, but it’s been an excellent experience.”

Caroline’s clients are some of the wealthiest brides-to-be in the UK and beyond. Dresses she designs start at around £4,000, but can go up to £40,000 depending on the level of work involved. “We have a grouping of clients who are professional women who work in the City, or are maybe doctors,” Caroline says. “But then we have a broad group who are tremendously wealthy – a lot of them foreign. Many of the British girls do still work, even if they’re wealthy; with the foreign girls, you get a lot who don’t.”

Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano at her shop in Knightsbridge CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

Caroline describes her aesthetic as “very clean”. “I always put a lot of structure into a dress,” she says. “You want to look great from every angle.”

For one of the brides in the show, 23-year-old caterer Jordan Roseberry, she created a custom dress from silk zibeline, one of the world’s most expensive fabrics. That wedding took place at Jordan’s family’s hotel, Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, and the couple had 300 guests, flew in over 6,000 hydrangeas, orchids and roses from Holland, put a full-size Victorian carousel on the front lawn and had a 12-piece brass band.

Another bride who appears is 29-year-old Londoner and corporate financier Katie Rose Davis, who wore a bespoke lace fishtail dress to her wedding at a Spanish finca near Alicante. The gown was hand-embellished with 250,000 beads and took more than 200 hours to make.

The store has a quintessentially bridal air to it: a marble-floored, cream-coloured backdrop dominated by the packed rails of dresses hanging around us. No music plays and there is a sort of heavy, hushed atmosphere to the place; compared to the high-concept luxury stores a stone’s throw away on the Brompton Road (which it often outstrips on price per purchase), it feels almost quaintly old-fashioned.

One imagines it hasn’t changed much since it opened in the early 1990s: there are floor-to-ceiling gilt-edged mirrors, glass occasion tables (for clients’ champagne glasses, which rest on white napkins embossed with the Castigliano branding in gold) and plush cream armchairs for mothers and best friends of the brides-to-be.

Kashmir Cooper, 40, and her husband Tim, a former marketing agency owner, who also star in the show, are both here today. She holds out her arm so I can properly gawp at her giant yellow diamond engagement ring, cocooned on either side by eternity bands. “About six months before I met Tim, I did a vision board, on which I put a picture of a wedding band from Cartier,” she tells me. “It wasn’t so much that I wanted to get married, but I wanted to find love.

They only brought these [rings] out three months before we got married. They were presented to us in the Royal Suite [of Cartier] on Bond Street.”

Gissa wanted a dress 'with lots of crystals’

Gissa wanted a dress ‘with lots of crystals’ CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

On the wall behind us is a 6ft portrait of a seated Kashmir in her wedding gown with extended train and full veil, painted by Caroline’s friend Sherree Valentine Daines, which was unveiled at a party at the store in June (a commission by Daines costs from £10,000 to £75,000, depending on size). “We’re looking for a house at the moment, and didn’t want to put it in storage because that would break our hearts,” says Kashmir. “So we asked Caroline if she’d like it in the store – it was win-win.”

Kashmir and Tim have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. “It was absolutely perfect,” she says of their day. It was Tim who spearheaded the idea of a big wedding. “I got dragged kicking and screaming,” Kashmir says, laughing. “I wanted to run off to a beach, just the two of us – either the Caribbean or the Maldives. He had to do a lot of coaching. He’d say ‘What about this…?’ and I would freak out but then, gently, he coerced me.”

They were married at Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery, and their first dance was to Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply. “Tim had no budget restrictions – he was like, ‘We will have what we have.’ The only thing we argued over was table plans. I got to the point where I said, ‘I’m not interested if people are talking to each other or not, we’re just going to make it about us being happy.’”

An assistant helps with Gissa’s train

An assistant helps with Gissa’s train CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

We look up as a woman walks past us in a dress sample. “How do you feel?” purrs the sales assistant as her client stares at her reflection in her strapless, lace-covered, full-skirted potential wedding dress. “Close your eyes,” instructs the assistant. “Let’s do a walk,” she adds firmly, gently angling the girl to face the mirror. “Now open your eyes.” They walk together, and the bride breaks into a shy smile.

There is a veil swap – for one with more crystals edged around the bottom (“Doesn’t it pick up the light beautifully?”). Someone sighs, then whispers those four magic words, “This is The One.”

At the beginning of the dress-selection process, Caroline explains, “You’ve got to take the bride back to the emotion she felt when she decided on where she would have this amazing day, and ask her what she looks like [in her head].

‘Do you look traditional? Do you look contemporary? Or boho? Are you very glamorous? Are you romantic and soft, elegant and sophisticated?’ Once that word comes out of their mouth, it’s very easy.” The cost rises depending on how much alteration or customisation a bride wants. When it hits the £40,000 mark, a dress will have been fully customised – bespoke lace, the richest silks, piles of embellishment and embroidery.

Castigliano bride Kashmir Cooper sits in front of the portrait by Sherree Valentine Daines of her in her wedding gown CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

Castigliano bride Kashmir Cooper sits in front of the portrait by Sherree Valentine Daines of her in her wedding gown CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

“I’ve done dresses where I’ve got companies in to design a lace that’s going to be 100 per cent unique to the bride. When you get into this level of detail, it’s fabulous fun. Some people don’t want anyone else to have had [their gown]. Some want to have real jewels put into their dresses. I did a dress that somebody begged us for that had monumental layers of tulle, a completely beaded Swarovski-crystal bodice and the most massive train. A lot of our Middle Eastern brides love long trains.”

Weddings, Caroline says, “have changed enormously since I started 25 years ago. Back then, it was a church or synagogue, but now you can get married anywhere, so it’s a castle, hotel, or on the beach. It’s much more fun. It’s lost that total sense of formality. We do many weddings where people have two or sometimes more dresses, as they have a three-day event.”

Brides invariably come in with their mothers. “No matter what age, they want their mum,” says Caroline, and if they’re not in the country, they’ll often have them on Skype in the fitting room. “Ninety per cent of the time it’s a very positive, happy experience, but you do see different relationships between mums and their daughters that sometimes can be sad.

Jordan Roseberry married in a custom silk gown CREDIT: LEE SCULLION

Jordan Roseberry married in a custom silk gown CREDIT: LEE SCULLION

I’ve seen mothers sit there and say, ‘If I got the opportunity again I’d never marry your father’ or ‘Are you really sure you want to do this?’ or ‘That makes you look fat’ or ‘You’re not going out dressed like that, look at your bust!’ Those exact words. It’s not very helpful.”

Harriet Mayne, a 27-year-old nurse, has come into the store with her sister on the off-chance of an appointment. Currently five months pregnant, she’s getting married next summer and wants to get her dress out of the way before the baby comes.

“I knew what style of lace I wanted to go with, but I was surprised how much I liked the big gowns,” she says. “It’s been a very good experience. The assistants were very kind, and listened to what you wanted. We’re getting married in a church in Wimbledon, where my fiancé is from, and then the reception will be on the Isle of Wight, where I’m from. I want to feel very special but not over the top.”

Her dress will cost just over £4,000, once fittings are included. “We have got limits [on cost] but I thought the dress I liked would be a lot more, so that was quite surprising.”

At the back of the store, 30-year-old PhD student Gissa Izadi has arrived for the final fitting of her strapless silk, full-skirted gown. It has a crystal-embellished waist, with more crystals on the skirt. She is getting married in 20 days. “It’s a destination wedding in Turkey,” she explains giddily. She has booked two extra seats on the plane for the dress. “Its passenger name on the ticket is Wedding Dress,” she laughs.

Harriet Mayne tries on a gown for her sister and nephew CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

Harriet Mayne tries on a gown for her sister and nephew CREDIT: VICTORIA BIRKINSHAW

Gissa’s wedding, which she’s been planning for over a year, will be a three-day event, and having grown up in Iran she has family flying in from all over the world. She spent four months looking for a dress, which she bought before deciding on a venue.

“Until I’d chosen the dress, I couldn’t do anything else. When I was looking at venues, I was like, ‘No, this one doesn’t go with my dress.’ I wanted something a little flashy with lots of crystals, which I couldn’t find anywhere, then I came here and I was like, ‘Wow. I love it, I don’t want to take it off.’

I have very expensive taste so I kind of knew that it would end up costing a lot. I was hoping I might like something cheaper, but it didn’t happen!”

The dress is packaged up into an enormous garment bag, which Gissa and her friend hold at each end as they make their way out of the store. It’s emotional. There are kisses, hugs and clapping as Caroline and her team gather around her to say the final farewell. “It’s like the end of term when they leave,” says one of Caroline’s team, looking over wistfully.

“How the Other Half Wed” airs on Channel 4 in September



Finding the Perfect Honeymoon Location

When it comes to thinking about your honeymoon, what do you envision? Somewhere tropical? Secluded? Or are you more of a city person? Do you crave adventure? The world is a big place, so it’s no question that there is a “perfect paradise” out there for every couple. Here are some places that just might turn your dreams into reality.

On the Coast


Pure white sands of The Maldives


The pure, white sand between your toes, the warm, turquoise water. . . Nothing beats this tropical beach paradise. Having a minimum temperature of 26 degrees, Maldives is a perfect location for a summertime honeymoon. Its vast, private beaches make it a highly desirable romantic getaway, with no sounds of trains, cars, or planes.



Perfect for Loungers and Adventure-SeekeMalaysia

When traveling to Malaysia, you want to make sure you’re on the correct side of the island. The east side brings rainand stormy weather, while the west side brings blue skies and 30 degree weather, which doesn’t make it a very difficult choice. Here, you can have the best of both worlds; one moment you could be relaxing on a private beach and the next you could be trekking through a dense forest. Malaysia is perfect for the loungers and the adventure-seekers.


Looking for a scorching hot honeymoon?


Looking for scorching hot weather? In the summertime, the island of Crete has an average daily temperature of 34 degrees! But fear not, you can easily cool off by their gorgeous coastline, soaking in the sun and the views of neighboring islands. The traditional Greek architecture gives you a taste of the culture while keeping you comfortable. Although not tropical and dense with wildlife, this city by the sea is a perfect option for someone who wants a little bit city life and ocean leisure all in one.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Perfect Polynesia

The summer weather in the French Polynesia is beautiful, ranging from 22-27 degrees. Similar to Maldives, the French Polynesian islands are the perfect place to kick up your feet and let your worries slide. The coastlines go from lush and green to sandy and isolated, giving you more than just one option. A popular time to visit these beautiful islands starts from May 1st and extends through the majority of October, which gives you plenty of months to choose from.

In the City


This beautiful city by the sea is rich with history and fantastic sights. Dating back all the way to the dawn of civilisation, Malta is perfect for those who crave knowledge of the past, while also feeling like their on and island getaway. There is such a wide variety of activities such as water sports and hiking in the countryside of the island, you’ll never be bored.


A city by the sea – rich in history and beautiful sights


Classic and romantic city of Rome


Ahh, Rome. Such a classic holiday destination yet filled with endless sights. An artist’s dream land, Rome is filled with colossal art history museums and beautiful architecture; sculptures from thousands of years ago line every street. Whether you’re taking a relaxing stroll through the city center or rapidly moving from sight to sight, Rome will satisfy all your holiday cravings. Not to mention you simply can’t beat fresh and genuine Italian cuisine!



Paris, the city of love

The city of love. . . what better place for a honeymoon could there be? The heart of France is always beating, with amazing sights around every corner. Become engulfed in french culture as you step out of your luxury city hotel and immediately blend with the daily rush of life. Paris unites romance and excitement with its upbeat tempo of life and stunning landmarks, making it a highly desirable city vacation destination. The ideal time to travel here is during the summer, unless you like a little snow during the winter!



For all of the adventure-seekers out there, look no further. Immerse yourself in African culture and wildlife and go on a safari where you’ll be at nature’s front door at every turn. High season in central Africa is June-September and hot, dry weather is always expected. It is impossible not to feel like you’re on an adventure every second in Africa.


An African Adventure


The land of a thousand temples


Bali, Indonesia: the land of a thousand temples. Love to walk or climb? Bali has literally thousands of temples that you can venture up and around. Besides being absolutely jaw-dropping, these Indonesian temples hold thousands of years of history. Reside to your secluded resort after a long day of walking in and around these glorious landmarks in the hot summer sunshine.









A place of historic treasures

Scattered across its vast, mountainous landscape, Peru holds incredible ancient ruins that you have to see to believe. The historic treasures that Peru holds make it an adventure-filled place to be. Share romantic views of the unique landscape as you soak up the perfect weather of 21 degrees at the peak of summer.


Looking Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

Take good care of your skin

Whether you are showing your whole back or just your wrists, taking care of your skin will ensure that you’re glowing throughout your entire ceremony and reception. Has your skin ever looked ashy and dull? Get rid of it by exfoliating. That ashy appearance is caused by dead skin cells that hide any natural radiance that healthy skin should normally have. Next, invest in a good moisturizer. Exfoliating uncovers a new layer of skin so it’s critical that you keep it moisturized. Not only will it make your skin feel soft, but will give it you that fresh, rejuvenated look that all brides are dying to have. Finally, drink up! Applying lotion only does half the job. Having at least 8 glasses of water a day is a vital step in achieving flawless skin, as it leaves your complexion looking plump and lively. Drinking plenty of water will also significantly decrease any under-eye darkness you may have.

Beautiful and naturally health hair on your wedding day

Beautiful and naturally health hair on your wedding day

Foods for healthy hair 

Luscious, shining locks don’t come easy. It’s important to care for every strand to make sure they look flawless on your big day.  Here are some foods that will bring out the best in your hair, whether it’s short, long, thick, or thin.

Let’s start at the roots. Salmon contains loads of omega-3 fatty acids, which nurture the scalp and supply it with the proteins it needs to grow strong strands. Without a healthy base to grow from, your hair will never reach its full potential.

Vegetarian? Try out lentils instead of salmon. They’re also a great source of protein and important vitamins such as zinc, biotin, and iron that will give your hair the strength it needs to hold up throughout all the heat styling. Lentils are also a great option if you want to cut on calories, but need the serious protein.

A big reason for hair loss is a lack of iron. Prevent this by eating eggs, which are protein-packed and rich with iron. . . and tasty! Eating them is one option, but making a hair mask out of them is another!

How to make:

Combine one egg
one cup of milk
½ a lemon
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix in a bowl and work through the ends of your hair. The mixture will bring out the natural softness and shine of your hair, leaving it looking like you just shot a shampoo commercial!

Blueberries small, yummy, and easy to take with you anywhere! However, this little berry does a huge job. They’re a brilliant source of vitamin C, which directly supplies hair follicles with the nutrients they need to grow long and strong. Not to mention blueberries are a super food with tons of other health benefits, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

Perfect make up for your wedding day

Perfect make up for your wedding day

Achieving the perfect makeup look

Some were blessed with the ability to transform their face with makeup, others. . . were not. If makeup is not your thing, seriously consider splurging on a makeup artist. Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day is important for completing the perfect look you’ve been dreaming of. People will be dying to take pictures with you all day, so you’re going to want to look at gorgeous as possible! Spend some time a couple months before your wedding experimenting with different makeup artists. You never know what you’ll like or don’t like until you try it for yourself. Bobbi Brown and MAC are just a couple places you can look into for makeup artist options.

Having fun with your bridal party the day before the wedding

Having fun with your bridal party the day before the wedding

Chill Out!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush and panic of planning a wedding. It’s a big job to take on! But the moment you start to feel anxious and stressed, it sucks the fun right out of something that should be the most exciting task you may ever complete. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that everything will work out, because it will! Have a night out with your girls and have a drink. . . or two. It’s important to remember that planning your wedding is half the fun of actually having it and you’ll want to look back on the whole experience positively. Moral of the story, chill out!





Royal Wedding Dresses and How They Influence Us

Why are we, as a country, so obsessed with the Royal family and their weddings? What draws us in? Yes, the hope and renewal that the marriages bring causes quite the uproar. But to be honest, half the excitement lies in the dress. Just the idea of seeing a real life princess (like the ones we’ve read about in children’s books) fascinates people of all ages from all around the world. So, we’ve taken advantage of this undying infatuation with Royal wedding gowns and infused our classic designs with timeless royalty that is clearly adored by all.

Wedding Styling of the times

The evolution of royal wedding dresses over the decades is truly remarkable. Also, the level of inspiration one can achieve from gazing at these dresses is extraordinary. Here’s a quick recap of just some of the memorable bridal dresses from previous royal weddings.

Beginning with George VI’s wedding in April of 1923, his wife Elizabeth’s dress was the starting point of all royal wedding gown inspiration. Her dress was a dropped waist, flapper-style bodice and skirt, embellished with thousands of pearls with silver embroidery. The cap sleeves were fairly revealing for the time, and some critics actually found it to be very unflattering. It sure does go to show how times have significantly changed.

Queen Elizabeth wedding dress

Next came the wedding of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. Although during a time of global struggle, over 200 million people tuned into their radio to follow the wedding. In contrast to the capped sleeves of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s dress, Elizabeth II sported luxurious long sleeves on a dress made of pure duchess satin. Her veil trailed several feet behind her, making for jaw-dropping pictures. What more could there be? Oh yes, only about 10,000 pearls were sewn on the dress by hand.

Princess Margaret wedding dress


In 1960, Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones wearing a long sleeved gown with a fuller skirt than the previous princesses. Her veil had loads of volume and was beautifully lined with satin. Though remarkably plain for a royal wedding gown, Princess Margaret’s dress spoke volumes and is still classy and elegant to this day.


Princess Ann wedding dressFollowing Princess Margaret came Princess Anne’s wedding in November of 1973. Her bold stand-up neckline and huge bell sleeves showcased her unique personality exquisitely. Such an unusual design really got people talking.



Princess Diana wedding dress Princess Diana rocked large puffy sleeves and a 25 foot train at her wedding in 1981. Her iconic dress looked nothing short of stunning, with approximately 10,000 pearls sewn on. Her train– which was the longest train in royal history– was made of pure British silk, along with the rest of the dress. . . Imagine how heavy that must have been for Princess Diana to carry behind her all the way down the aisle!


Let’s flash forward all the way to the most recent royal wedding gown, Kate Middleton’s. The flawless unity of tradition and modernity made her dress one of extraordinary grace and beauty. It encompassed timelessness in its purest form and has inspired thousands of bridal gown designers across the globe.

Kate Middleton wedding dress

From classy and traditional to bold and modern, royal wedding dresses have always had a major impact on all areas of the fashion industry. Their popularity and uniqueness will forever draw designers in, helping them to formulate their next big idea. We have the royal weddings to thank, as they have greatly influenced the bridal gown industry and will continue to do so for the coming decades.

Love, Sunshine and the Summer Wedding Dress

Ah, the summer sunshine, synonymous with strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, freshly cut grass and days at the beach. There’s nothing we love more than the hotly anticipated summer holidays that to many is their favourite part of the year.  Although each season brings something special, unique and beautiful, deciding when to have your wedding becomes an integral part to your planning and especially if you have chosen an outdoor service and celebration.

Summer wedding dress

Celebrate summer in a Caroline Castigliano wedding dress – dress design in image is Katia

We have met a few disadvantages to having a wedding day in the summer, but there are so many advantages to having your special day in the warmer months. Firstly, the weather tends to be more consistent, friends and family have time off to attend your wedding and you can wear a wedding dress without the need for a coat.

A few reasons to celebrate a summer wedding:

Friends and Family

Try schedule your wedding during the middle of summer, as this is the time your guests with school going children will likely be taking holiday or find it easier to take leave from work and other commitments as they tend to plan spending family holiday time together during these months.  Taking time out for your wedding becomes easier and more convenient than the autumn, winter and spring months.

The Weather is More Consistent

For most parts of the country, summer can be considered a more dependable time for the weather. Spring, although beautiful and fresh, can bring unpredictable cold fronts, showers and high gusts of wind. Autumn can be splendid with the changing in colour of the leaves, but your day can easily be spoilt with low-lying mist and fog.  Sometimes autumn has unpleasant cold wind factors too.  Winter weather is not only difficult for the wedding party but for guests too. Roads may become icy, with sometimes-early snowfalls and for guest having to travel could face problems with delays due to bad weather.

Therefore, the summer months do tend to be more consistent. While you can’t always plan on the perfect glorious sunshine day, you can rely on average warmer temperatures during these months and one thing you will want for your wedding is a better than average chance of a decent day.

An Outdoors Wedding Becomes an Option

Many couples would love to celebrate their wedding outdoors. Can you imagine your wedding at cocktail hour and dinner held on a terrace over looking the vale, woods, waters, flowers, mountains, beach sunset or beautiful garden? At most times, many wedding guests will appreciate the splendour to celebrate outdoors.

The Bouquet of Flowers

Between June and August, there are so many flower varieties at their best that are not so easily available throughout the rest of the year. Buying flowers out of season can be very expensive due to shipping and greenhouse costs.   A bridal bouquet in the summer can take advantage of many more flowers available in bloom.

Summer wedding bouquet

Summer wedding bouquet – Caroline Castigliano wedding dress Heaven with Carmel beaded belt

The wedding dress

An outdoor wedding becomes an option for your summer wedding with the warm sunshine and a Caroline Castigliano wedding dress.  Getting married between June and August, could mean you will have a wider collection of wedding dresses to choose from – strapless gowns, knee and calf length dresses, and strappy shoes all become an option for you.  The fashion of the summer season also opens the groom and his party to alternatives like linen and lighter colour and weight suits.

Celebrating your love with the warm sun shining overhead gives the day a happy feeling, and, with the sun staying out much later giving us longer days leaving more time for festivities to last late into the evening, making it unforgettable.

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