Love, Sunshine and the Summer Wedding Dress

Ah, the summer sunshine, synonymous with strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, freshly cut grass and days at the beach. There’s nothing we love more than the hotly anticipated summer holidays that to many is their favourite part of the year.  Although each season brings something special, unique and beautiful, deciding when to have your wedding becomes an integral part to your planning and especially if you have chosen an outdoor service and celebration.

Summer wedding dress

Celebrate summer in a Caroline Castigliano wedding dress – dress design in image is Katia

We have met a few disadvantages to having a wedding day in the summer, but there are so many advantages to having your special day in the warmer months. Firstly, the weather tends to be more consistent, friends and family have time off to attend your wedding and you can wear a wedding dress without the need for a coat.

A few reasons to celebrate a summer wedding:

Friends and Family

Try schedule your wedding during the middle of summer, as this is the time your guests with school going children will likely be taking holiday or find it easier to take leave from work and other commitments as they tend to plan spending family holiday time together during these months.  Taking time out for your wedding becomes easier and more convenient than the autumn, winter and spring months.

The Weather is More Consistent

For most parts of the country, summer can be considered a more dependable time for the weather. Spring, although beautiful and fresh, can bring unpredictable cold fronts, showers and high gusts of wind. Autumn can be splendid with the changing in colour of the leaves, but your day can easily be spoilt with low-lying mist and fog.  Sometimes autumn has unpleasant cold wind factors too.  Winter weather is not only difficult for the wedding party but for guests too. Roads may become icy, with sometimes-early snowfalls and for guest having to travel could face problems with delays due to bad weather.

Therefore, the summer months do tend to be more consistent. While you can’t always plan on the perfect glorious sunshine day, you can rely on average warmer temperatures during these months and one thing you will want for your wedding is a better than average chance of a decent day.

An Outdoors Wedding Becomes an Option

Many couples would love to celebrate their wedding outdoors. Can you imagine your wedding at cocktail hour and dinner held on a terrace over looking the vale, woods, waters, flowers, mountains, beach sunset or beautiful garden? At most times, many wedding guests will appreciate the splendour to celebrate outdoors.

The Bouquet of Flowers

Between June and August, there are so many flower varieties at their best that are not so easily available throughout the rest of the year. Buying flowers out of season can be very expensive due to shipping and greenhouse costs.   A bridal bouquet in the summer can take advantage of many more flowers available in bloom.

Summer wedding bouquet

Summer wedding bouquet – Caroline Castigliano wedding dress Heaven with Carmel beaded belt

The wedding dress

An outdoor wedding becomes an option for your summer wedding with the warm sunshine and a Caroline Castigliano wedding dress.  Getting married between June and August, could mean you will have a wider collection of wedding dresses to choose from – strapless gowns, knee and calf length dresses, and strappy shoes all become an option for you.  The fashion of the summer season also opens the groom and his party to alternatives like linen and lighter colour and weight suits.

Celebrating your love with the warm sun shining overhead gives the day a happy feeling, and, with the sun staying out much later giving us longer days leaving more time for festivities to last late into the evening, making it unforgettable.

Bijou Wedding, Surrey Designer Wedding Dress Event – 25th to 26th April

We are so excited to announce another of our fantastic stockists will be hosting a special Designer Day featuring the entire Caroline Castigliano designer wedding dress range. Specialising in classically understated, yet contemporary wedding dresses and bridal gowns, Caroline Castigliano incorporates expert corsetry to ensure the perfect fit and enhance your own personal style. 

Don’t miss out on your exclusive opportunity to attend this Designer Wedding Dress event on the 25th and 26th April 2015 at Botleys Mansion, Surrey. 

Our stockist. Bijou Weddings is a family run company specialising in wedding venues and services. They exist to help you, the bride-to-be create the most perfect wedding for your special day. 

The FULL 2015 Caroline Castigliano wedding dress collection will be available for fittings on the 25th & 26th April, exclusively with Bijou. They are also able to offer a 10% discount off the Castigliano range for anyone visiting this weekend.

 Visits are by appointment only so please call 0345 1309966 or email to avoid disappointment.




*Exclusive* Wedding Dress Sample Sale at Caroline Castigliano’s Knightsbridge Store

Don’t miss out on Caroline Castigliano’s EXCLUSIVE Designer Wedding Dress Sample Sale on the 10th and 11th of April 2015. Visit us at our luxurious Knightsbridge Store on Brompton Rd and find wedding dresses priced from £1,000 to £2,300. An amazing saving of up to 50% less than the normal price for a truly stunning designer wedding dress.


All wedding dresses in the Caroline Castigliano sale are either ex samples, prototypes, and window dressings or may have been worn for exclusive catwalk shows. All of our wedding dresses are in great condition and in a range of high street sizes from a size 8 to 12.


All of our designer wedding dresses are offered with an alteration service within our exclusive boutique to ensure your wedding dress is fitted by the highly trained team at Caroline Castigliano.


Advice for the day?

  • Bring someone with you whose opinion you really value, they can help you find the perfect designer wedding dress.
  • Make sure you wear the right underwear, it’s really important that the underwear you wear under your wedding dress is ‘invisible,’ so you want to make sure it is when trying on.
  • Hair/Make/Tan- make sure you’re feeling your best, when looking for your wedding dress you want to feel glamorous, beautiful and well…special. It will make the whole search much easier.

Please call to make an appointment – 0207 5909 120 to avoid missing out on our exclusive sample sale!

How you feel on your big day is more than what’s on the outside…it’s how you feel within too.

We see a huge difference, at Caroline Castigliano’s in Knightsbridge, between the brides that have a fit and healthy lifestyle vs. those that struggle to fit any exercise in. It isn’t just about getting the body you want for your special day, or even being able to fit into the designer wedding dress of your choice. Exercise is a crucial outlet for stress, planning your wedding day can cause a lot of frustration, stress and nerves. Exercising can offer an effective outlet for this (which in turn will give you that healthy, relaxed ‘glow’ on your wedding day.)


At our Dorchester event in February we were fortunate enough to have Nikki Rein, the founder of Barrecore Fitness, Having been passionate about barre and dance based fitness since 2007 and, after moving back to London from the states, she was surprised to find a lack of barre and boutique fitness studios overall.

At the time of her arrival, it took just a few short months to realise how many people (especially women… high powered to busy mums) were desperate for a fitness regime that made them feel feminine yet helped them achieve incredibly quick results. In late 2009, she began teaching what she called ‘barrecore’ classes out of a little mews house in Central London and word of rapidly transforming bodies travelled quickly. Before she knew it, barrecoreCHELSEA was born in November 2011.


Nikki Rein truly believes Barrecore is a special place; not just for the results the method creates but also for the community of incredible individuals it attracts. Barrecor’es instructors are not only among the best in the UK but they, along with Nikki’s front of house staff, are incredibly warm, inclusive and the most caring people out there.

Taking your health and fitness seriously will rapidly transform your lifestyle, not just for your wedding day but permanently. If you’re looking to make long lasting changes to your wellbeing then integrate a workout regime into your routine.

Your Wedding Day- Have you considered these crucial points from Bruce Russell?

We had a whole host of wedding and bridal experts at our Dorchester event in February. Bruce Russell was one of those experts, Bruce Russell is at the pinnacle of the Bridal industry as London’s leading wedding planner. His specialist services cater for weddings and civil partnerships, private parties and special occasions – delivered with passion, style and grace.


Planning your perfect wedding day:

Any event – a dream wedding, an elaborate birthday or a treasured anniversary – has to be perfect.

The planning process for such an important occasion can be quite an overwhelming and time consuming endeavor. Bruce Russell and his team look after every detail, delivering memorable moments from start to finish. From sourcing the perfect venue, creating a stylish design, to being there on the day to ensure it all goes perfectly to plan.


A consultation with Bruce will include a detailed overview of the services offered. This is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas, your vision and expectations for your special event. Together, you will be able to determine which services you want Bruce to be involved in – this is your event so you decide.

For our beautiful brides-to-be, they got to spend the afternoon discussing every aspect of their perfect wedding with the expert himself. Bruce Russell has over 18-years experience in the events industry, including dedicated tenures with world-famous locations The Plaza, New York and The Savoy, London.


Having coordinated weddings and events all over the world, he has perfected his talent for delivering exceptional events, inspiring clients with his genuine “joie de vivre” – the heart beat to his professionalism.

“Every wedding is tailored to reflect the individual personality of the client. I believe my role is simple, to realise their dreams and create memories that last forever. My approach is very hands-on, I work with my clients through the whole journey, from offering creative and stylish concepts to ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day”.

Offering genuine artistry to each event or wedding, he insists on only working with the most reputable vendors in the industry – “I am privileged to work alongside the most respected suppliers who share passion and high standards of service”.

In 2011, Bruce was appointed The Savoy’s resident wedding expert. Today, the By Bruce Russell team manages and operates an in-house highly personalised service at The Savoy in addition to working with private clients.

Planning Your Wedding- Daniel Morris Gibbons tells all!

Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life, so it’s right that you would want to make it as special as possible. Do you know where to start? What you need to do? Or even WHEN you need to do it?

Bellisima with Svetlana shrug

At our Brides Magazine event at The Dorchester in February, we had the privilege of having Daniel Morris-Gibbons from Bespoke Events in attendance. He gave our brides-to-be crucial wedding planning insight to help them create their dream wedding.

The Bespoke Wedding planning team are renowned for their fresh approach to wedding designs and planning. Utilising the latest inspiration in fashion, current style, and innovation they create weddings that shout originality and flair. Using a combination of lighting and production techniques, concept artists and some of the most talented floral and cake designers in the World, a Bespoke Events wedding is instantly recognisable in style, and superlative in its result.


With over 30 years of experience, Bespoke Events expert in-house design and production teams ensure your special day really does have the wow-factor. With a variety of services to offer including wedding lighting, stage and dance floors design, celebrity wedding performers, floral designers and invitation design your dream wedding day is just a phone call away.

As one of the world’s leading event design and production companies, Bespoke Events London is your ultimate event resource. Boasting over 25 years’ experience, they design and produce spectacular corporate, private and wedding events.

Charm School with Rosalina Shrug

Here are just a few key things Daniel advises brides-to-be to consider:

Consider your timeline: How much time do you have? Your exact date will probably be narrowed down by your choice of location but having a general time frame sets the scene for the rest to follow.

Where do you want to spend your special day? Do you know if you are envisioning a traditional church, mountaintop or a beachfront destination wedding? Is your dream a huge production or an intimate guest list of close family and friends? The answers WILL help you determine the location.

Who’s coming? Who do you REALLY want to be there? Managing a growing guest list is daunting. Location will usually guide you as to how many guests to invite.

Your wedding day style: What is your personal style? Of course it’s very exciting to browse at all the designer wedding dresses and decor in glossy magazines for inspiration but ultimately it depends on where you decide to get married and the overall theme of your big day.

Capturing your big day: This, we believe to be one of your major suppliers so know what you are looking for. Cake is consumed and flowers fade but photographs last forever.

Keep calm and plan on, remember your wedding day and planning it is a means to an end. Choosing and being chosen to have a life long partnership is the priority never to be lost sight of when things may get a little busy.

Caroline Castigliano’s Unveiled Little Black Dress Range

For the last 25 years Caroline Castigliano has been synonymous with quality, design, style and of course Wedding Dresses. However the Castigliano brand also has a stunning eveningwear line that is coveted worldwide. TV, Film and Theatre stars have donned the designer’s styles for years now and for many brides that proudly wear a Castigliano gown, a mother of the bride, bridesmaids or wedding party member isn’t far behind in a Castigliano creation.


Caroline Castigliano unveiled her 2015 Little Black Dress collection at the Dorchester, in front over 100 brides to be, countless industry experts and of course Brides Magazine. With a repertoire of couture designs in her portfolio, it was only natural that Caroline Castigliano creates this eponymous line.


Perhaps more than any other piece of clothing, the little black dress is, women have been told, the essential, the one that will take you practically anywhere. Investing in your LBD is a wise choice, one that will see you through nearly every event, every party, and every formal occasion.


Caroline Castigliano has unveiled a selection of couture dresses that will suit every shape, every style and every occasion. The range at our Dorchester event awed our brides; Caroline had taken a key wardrobe staple and truly made it bespoke.


Bobbi Brown’s Top Tips – Design Wedding Dress Event at The Dorchester!

At our exclusive event at the Dorchester with Brides Magazine, we were so excited to have Bobbi Brown, fantastic make up brand and make up stylist to the stars join us! Wedding day make up is crucial for brides, it’s so important to get it right as it’s captured in every photo for the bride to look at for years to come.


Before her company became synonymous with fresh, clean and modern beauty, Bobbi built a cult following in New York City as the go-to makeup artist for the natural makeup look. “Working with photographers like Bruce Weber, Bridgette Lacombe and Patrick Demarchelier, skin had to look like skin, lips had to look like lips. It wasn’t about artificial-looking makeup—it was about enhancing what was there,” recalls Bobbi.


With her natural approach, Bobbi stood out in an era defined by over-the-top and unnatural beauty. “It was the eighties and the makeup was white skin, red lips, contoured cheeks, and I just didn’t think it was pretty,” she says. Frustrated by the lack of flattering shades, Bobbi set out to create her own. Working with a chemist, she developed Brown Lip Color—“a lipstick that looked like lips, only better”—followed by nine other wearable colors.


More than twenty years after the debut of her brand, Bobbi continues to define the way women wear makeup and the way they see themselves. In 2010, inspired by her belief that “all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”, Bobbi introduced Pretty Powerful, an ad campaign featuring real women from all walks of life. In 2013, Bobbi launched the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls, a global initiative dedicated to funding nonprofit organizations that strive to empower women and girls through education.

“On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful .” – Bobbi Brown 



You have the dress, the shoes and the jewels…but what about the hair? Michael Van Clarke tells all!

At our Designer Wedding Dress event at the Dorchester on the 22nd February, our beautiful brides-to-be had the opportunity to sit down with a stylist from the celebrity favourite salon Michael Van Clarke.

mvc 3

At Caroline Castigliano’s we aren’t just passionate about finding your perfect wedding dress, we want to make sure you have the whole package. Which is why we partner with such fantastic companies such as Michael Van Clarke, Bobbi Brown, Freya Rose and Andrew Prince.

Bridal hair is always a hot topic here at Caroline Castigliano. Matching the designer wedding dress with the right hairstyle for you. Up do or down do? Curly or straight? Your hairstyle makes such a big impact to your confidence on the day, it has to be perfect.

mvs 4

An expert in bridal hairstyle and voted as the ‘most professional salon in London,’ by Vogue Magazine, the Michael Van Clarke salon experience is built on an obsessive devotion to their clients’ best hair in friendly and luxurious surroundings. Set in the heart of London’s Marylebone, it’s a firm favourite of the style cognoscenti and one of the Capital’s favourite salons. Michael Van Clarke’s team are passionate about that ‘luxurious bridal experience,’ making sure each and every bride finds that perfect style for her.

mvc 8

Established in 1988, the 3,000 sq ft salon is understatedly glamorous and spacious. The simple minimalist design, with beautiful natural textures and materials, including walnut, oak and limestone is instantly welcoming and relaxing. In the last 5 years the salon has been nominated for a record 42 British Hairdressing Business Awards and has won 12. More than any other salon. Ever.

mvc 7

Michael Van Clarke himself is one of London’s leading hairdressing experts, with 30 years experience at the cutting edge. He has travelled the world looking after the most discerning clients, including nine Royal families, political leaders, models, rock stars and A-list film celebrities. He has worked with leading international designers for their catwalk shows, worked in photographic studios for the top magazines – getting his first Vogue editorial spread at just 19 – and established his own unique signature systems to get the very best from hair.

Pan Pan Boutique, Edinburgh Designer Wedding Dress Event – 28th to 29th March

The renowned Edinburgh based wedding dress boutique and winner of the Scottish Wedding Awards Pan Pan Bridal will be hosting an exclusive Designer Wedding Dress event on the 28th to the 29th March for brides-to-be. Showcasing the Caroline Castigliano 2015 Opera Collection and offering style guides, bridal advice as well as hair and beauty tutorials. This is an event not to be missed!


Pan Pan Boutique was founded on the passion and extensive tailoring experience of seamstress and proprietor Li Gorman. Priding themselves on the fact that when you find your dream dress with Pan Pan Bridal, your fittings and alterations will be of a quality that is second to none.

Bellisima with Svetlana shrug 

Don’t miss out on the exciting designer wedding dress event at Pan Pan Bridal Boutique, Edinburgh and book your appointment to avoid disappointment! Your bridal party will be treated to a glass of bubbly on arrival, and any Caroline Castigliano dresses ordered over this weekend will receive an amazing 10% discount!